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Hey Folks! (An intro and first test)

As many of you know, I had a blog a couple of years back called Barrett Bites. It had a pretty good two-year run. Well, I’m gettin’ back in to the game. Except this time, instead of talking about mourning, cancer, depression and all kinds of heavy stuff – I’m going back to my roots and writing about music and collectibles… more specifically vinyl music.


Records that spin on turntables!

The collectibles, well, that will be pop culture junk that people… or well maybe just me, want to own. It’ll be comic books, movie posters, Lego, and other cool items that would be most awesome to get our hands on.

Also, it will be both a written blog with reviews and a video blog.

I will geek out for the camera and show you what (I believe) is so frickin’ cool about Morrissey curates the Ramones, or a coloured version of Big Star’s #1 Record, or a shrine to the Simpsons using a movie poster, Lego and a chess set.

I will make an ass of myself with a self penned song to play as an intro theme song. Sure I got the idea from Wayne’s World, but what the hell, why not.

If things go well, I’ll even try to score some interviews and… well, let’s not get ahead of myself.

At this moment I’m finishing the written word portion for the first episode and setting up the blog. I’m hoping to start shooting late next week.

One more thing, as I have in the past, I’m using my given name at birth for the blog and not my adopted and legal name as it appears on my birth certificate. This is a tradition I started when I was about 12 and I started trying to write comic books, and continued into university where I wrote about music for a few years in various publications. Honestly, D.S. Barrett always sounded much cooler as a writer’s name – so I’ll try it on video.

Anyway, there you have it. A new venture of sorts. If you wish to join me on this ride – become friends with D.S. Barrett on Facebook and I’ll start sending info about the blog through there, as well as of course, press follow on

Hope you enjoy